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A collection of frequently asked questions about, and how it compares to naked milfs
other web tools on the Internet.

How much does this cost?

The cost of custom site development can be very high. The cost of a site with is not.

We have structured the fee in two parts: a $250 up-front fee, and then a recurring $20 monthly fee. The up-front fee is to help defray the cost of getting going because you are getting a customized site after all. We work with you to select the look and feel for your site, as well as integrate any content you already have (like press, music, videos, and photos) so that, from day one, you have a slick and complete site. That is a pretty decent deal for $250! The monthly fee pays for hosting and support.

Because we are very sensitive to artist cash flows, we do try and help out. First, you can prepay your monthly fees for an entire year, and get one month for free and the set-up is free. But more significantly, if you refer to another artist or band, and they sign on, you get three months free. Do that four times and, guess what, you get a whole year for free!

And, we can also help you apply for certain grants (if you are a Canadian artist and meet other eligibility requirements) that might help reduce your costs.

Last Updated on Sunday, 11 April 2010 12:59

Will my site look like everyone else's?

Absolutely not!

There are a huge number of variations that can be applied to the basic model that has been created by Most artists need to show the same kinds of things: bio, news, upcoming gigs, discography and music samples. But how those are presented can vary widely. To keep our costs down, you won't get some sick Flash site with things flying all over the page. That is asking a bit too much. But there is more than enough room to get creative and make a statement -- your statement -- that you will not feel like you are "just like everyone else".

That is's commitment to you.


Can I sell stuff from my site?

The current site templates do not allow any direct commerce, in the sense of having a shopping basket or taking orders. That will be available in an upcoming version of

But if you are already selling your CDs or other merch on external sites (like iTunes or CD Baby, for example) you can easily link to those sites and keep on selling your stuff. does not take any cuts from what you sell that way.

Last Updated on Monday, 30 March 2009 00:10

Can I really change my site?


The sites created by run on an extremely powerful "content management system", and that system is designed to put control of the content (the "what" of your web site) into the hands of those that might not be able to handle "how" that content is put on the page. Let worry about the layout, colours, fonts, yadda yadda. You concentrate on making your site current by posting news, reviews, blog name often as you are comfortable with it.

And it is easy. Honestly. You simply log into your site (it is password protected to prevent your site from being spammed), and edit any existing content that has created for you, or add new content as you see fit.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 October 2008 19:27

I already have a web site. How can I switch to MyBandSite?

If you already have a web site, that is great! You recognize that you need to have something "out there". It also probably means you already own your ".com" or ".ca" domain name, which is also good.

Depending on where your site is currently hosted, it may be as simple as creating your new site with and uploading it over top of your existing site. But in many cases, the sites offered by some hosting companies run on systems that do not support the more advanced infrastructure (sorry, geek speak) that MyBandSite requires. So we will do the hosting for you, which is part of what the fee we charge is meant to cover.

Of course, if your site needs to be hosted with us, we will look after doing the magic incantations necessary to move it over.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 01:07
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