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What are the features milf anal
of a MyBandSite site?

Sites created by use a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that allows the information presented by your site to be efficiently managed and presented. More important, it allows the look-and-feel of your site to be completely customizable, to represent and reflect your band's particular genre, taste, and image.

That said, sites share a number of comment elements, including:

  • artist bio;
  • news and reviews;
  • photo galleries and slideshows;
  • mp3 playback of local or offsite music;
  • video playback of local or offsite video;
  • calendar of events;
  • links to online CD distributors;
  • guest book with optional fan signup.
Not surprisingly, this is exactly what you would commonly see on "signed" artist sites. In addition to that, all of our sites benefit from promotion through the main domain as well as, optionally (and on approval of the artist), cross-promotion between artists. Detailed site statistics are gathered and provided to you if you want them. And in an upcoming release of, you will be able to sell directly from your site. Other "system" level features include:
  • full-text content search;
  • trackable banner advertising;
  • modern CSS-based navigation;
  • cross-browser support.

From day one, existing content that you might have about your band will be integrated into your new site. This is all included in the set up. From that point on, you are shown how to manage the content so that you can makes edits and add/delete stuff as you wish, and it is really, really easy. Really. Of course, all of the content you provide to MyBandSite remains yours, should you decide to move your site somewhere else.

Visit some of the sites created by, and imagine what could be done for you!


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