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much does this cost?

The cost of custom site development can be very high. The cost of a site with is not.

We have structured the fee in two parts: a $250 up-front fee, and then a recurring $20 monthly fee. The up-front fee is to help defray the cost of getting going because you are getting a customized site after all. We work with you to select the look and feel for your site, as well as integrate any content you already have (like press, music, videos, and photos) so that, from day one, you have a slick and complete site. That is a pretty decent deal for $250! The monthly fee pays for hosting and support.

Because we are very sensitive to artist cash flows, we do try and help out. First, you can prepay your monthly fees for an entire year, and get one month for free and the set-up is free. But more significantly, if you refer to another artist or band, and they sign on, you get three months free. Do that four times and, guess what, you get a whole year for free!

And, we can also help you apply for certain grants (if you are a Canadian artist and meet other eligibility requirements) that might help reduce your costs.

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